Based in Irvine, CA The Tiyya Foundation provides holistic programming to families starting over. By mentoring a cohort of youth and parents, we aim to promote a community which fosters the development of self-sufficiency.  Our vision is to help clients overcome the obstacles of acclimation and actively participate in society. To achieve this goal, we’ve partnered up with students at UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton to establish the campus organization Fresh START (Student Together Aiding Refugees Today).  Join us today!


Each year Tiyya’s community assists 300 of the 36,460,330 people worldwide who are refugees, internally displaced, and other similar groups.  They are your neighbor and together, we can do more. Refugees are people who want to build a better tomorrow, for their children, in safety – just like you. By caring, you’re making Orange County and Los Angeles a better place to live. With the right type of guidance, they can quickly give back to the economy and take pride in America. Since the Vietnam War, Los Angeles & Orange County has resettled over 200,000 refugees and asylees from Iraq, Iran, Burma, Afghanistan and Somalia. When refugees arrive, they barely speak English, don’t understand the American system, and eventually become isolated and alone. It’s a global issue. We’re all refugees. Historically, we’ve all been displaced at some point and the trauma affects generations of children. Help us do something about this, by making our community a welcoming space.

Become a Family Mentor, Volunteer your time, or simply Donate today as a good neighbor. To get started please send an email to info@tiyya.org or give us a call directly at(562) 719-6704.
Address: 20 Truman Suite 104, Irvine CA 92620